Predict US Presidential Results 2012 with an Infographic

2012 US presidential election is heating up and the whole world is watching. And as usual everyone is eager to predict the winner. While some rely data and historical trends others tend to rely on polls and some even try to predict using facial expressions.

Want to predict US presidential results yourself? We made the process simple and below image shows how it will look like in the end. Move the mouse over the image and use zoom out to view a larger image.

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Above is just an example. You can change the background color, headings in the image, colors for states and many other things.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own prediction and send it to your friends. I’m sure there’s plenty more with a different view and if you got it right you have the bragging rights.

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  1. Nishadha

    Good point. Added the Creately players where the button works now.

  2. Bhanks

    The button on the actual infographic doesn’t work. It is a little confusing and you might want to take it down since there is a link below the image.

    What is up with the comment above? 😉

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