Update: Adobe Flash Player 10 for Creately

flash-chimpEveryone at Creately have been working really hard over the past couple of weeks adding brand new features and KObjects to the Creately library as well as updating the performance of the application.

Here at Creately, we feel people matter, and want to continue to keep our customers happy. We’ve had a few emails from our users reporting various issues like wonky Text Rotation in Flash Player version 9. We’ve tried our best to fix this problem, but unfortunately certain issues like this have their root cause in bugs inherent in the Flash Player, that we cannot do anything to fix.

So after careful thought, we’ve decided to raise the minimum required version of the Flash Player to run Creately from Flash Player 9 to Flash Player 10.

Besides fixing this bug, we want to take advantage of the new performance improvements in Flash Player 10 to deliver a better experience to our customers over the coming releases.

Other Active Script 3 enhancements available in Flash Player 10 also provide more efficient data structures and will let us deliver smarter and cooler features.

You can test the version of Flash Player you have installed and if you’re not using version 10, click here to upgrade now.

So we’ll leave you with this task as we go through the final stages of releasing our brand new Projects feature.


Image by: Mayuki/CC BY 2.0

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