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A comparison infographic on Visio, Smart Draw, Creately, Omnigraffle and Gliffy

Keeping in line with that proverbial cliche, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we did a nifty infographic on five of the most well known diagramming tools out there. So find out what’s hot and what’s not below.



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  1. Austin

    Convenient that you left LucidChart off the list considering that it wins in every category.

    • nick

      Hi Austin,
      Thanks for the comment. We left LucidChart off the infographic intentionally but not for the reason you think. We respect what the guys at LucidChart are doing but with the introduction of our Creately Desktop edition we wanted to help our users compare some of the major online and offline diagramming offerings. We will shortly be releasing another infographic comparing the online only diagramming products. We’ll make sure the majors in the online space are included.

  2. A comparison infographic on Visio, SmartDraw, Creately, Omnigraffle and Gliffy « Creately Blog…

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  3. John

    This seems odd that you guys make this since you’re one of the tools being compared – clearly objectivity is an issue. What things you compare on and the ratings you give are simply biased.

    • nick

      Hi John,
      Thanks for the comment. The preparation of this infographic was done over a number of weeks to ensure that the information presented was accurate. We thought long and hard before releasing this because we knew that objectivity and bias might be considerations that our users and the general public might be worried about. Personally, I think any comparison even when done by a 3rd party could still contain some bias – it is after all human nature to evaluate and form a preference.
      We do hope that people still find it useful and happily invite anyone to comment and provide feedback and their own ratings for any of the topics covered in the infographic. If there is a general consensus among readers for a change we will happily make necessary updates.


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