10 features why diagramming is easier with Creately Desktop

With Creately Desktop being set up for launch within a matter of days, we’re more than excited with the positive response we received from all you awesome users! The launch of Creately Desktop may be the natural way to go for an app that’s still growing, yet it is also about offering something that people are wowed by. Because diagramming is the foundation on which our house is built, we thought of highlighting 10 great feature-rich reasons why diagramming is easy as peas with Creately Desktop.

1. Diagrams Anywhere

This is the “Man! This really is a big deal” moment of Creately Desktop. Basically when you create a flowchart, mindmap, UML, wireframe, mockup or any other diagram, just click the Diagrams Anywhere feature and you can have all your diagrams sync’ed into both the online and desktop platforms.

2. Moderate accessibility levels with Edit & View

While you can share diagrams with viewers, you can give permission to editors to make changes on diagrams as well. Moreover, you can now choose your editors or delete them and invite collaborators via e-mail (or you can save yourself the trouble by simply clicking on the dialog box that allows you to share with the entire team). You can also enable view and/or edit links (depending on who you want to edit and/or view your diagrams), which opens up your diagrams in a super-versatile Diagram Viewer (if you want to view) or the Creately Editor (if you want to edit).

3. Publish your Diagrams

What’s the point in sharing your diagrams if you cannot publish them? Not only do you get to publish an always-updated diagram to any web page, you can easily push it through Twitter, Facebook and more recently, LinkedIn as well.

4. Accountability via Notification

Once you save your diagrams, you can keep all the members of your team notified with regard to the changes you have made. Everyone knows who changed what, and what the next action should be with a simple notification.

5. 1000s of images @ just a click

If you can’t find what you need in Creately’s shape libraries you can also search for images from Google and IconFinder.com. So there’s no excuse to share diagrams that are unrealistic and empty. With 1000s of images accessible with just a click, sharing your ideas just got more colourful and real.

6. The zoom-able and sharable Diagram Viewer…

…is the icing on the cake. The Creately Diagram Viewer is a simple embeddable widget that allows you to include an always updated Creately diagram in any web page. Once added just save your webpage and your Creately diagram is available immediately.The widget always fetches the latest version of your diagram to display making sure that visitors always see the latest version. When working as a team on the same diagram or diagrams in a project all the changes made using Creately will be reflected immediately in your documentation ensuring that the Creately diagram and the published webpage stays synchronized.

7. Easy-to-use Interface

With Creately Desktop, work is not only easy but it’s easy on the eyes as well. With its one-touch click facility and user-friendly tools, working is a real pleasure. Why? Simply because, everything is where it should be – logically placed.

8. Getting your ideas across is easy when Diagrams are Beautiful

With over 100s of user friendly templates, you can create mockups, UMLs and mindmaps (amongst a zillion other diagrams) that are beautiful and easy to work with. What this means is that collaborating on them is an easy and enjoyable experience too. Not convinced? Ever tried collaborating on something like this? We rest our case.

9. The Drag and Drop convenience

Diagramming is all about saving time, doing away with inconveniences and making the process seamless as possible. This is why the Drag and Drop convenience is one of those small things that make a big difference. No need to press Ctrl+O to bring in a new image. Even if you have a cdml file on your desktop, you can click and drag it onto your Creately Desktop and it will convert into an image. Just Drag and Drop, virtually anything.

10. Access diagrams, even when Offline

With Creately Desktop, you can enjoy working on your diagrams even when you are offline. So, in other words, the diagrams that you worked on while being online will be updated onto your Desktop. So once you do go offline, you can still work on them. Once you are online, the diagrams you worked on will get synchronized.

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