Desktop Diagram Software for Mac, Windows and Linux

Creately Desktop

Easy diagramming and online collaboration
on your desktop

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    Offline usage, locally
    saved diagrams.

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    Online, real-time
    Right from your desktop.

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    Diagrams anywhere.
    Automatically syncs your
    diagrams (Creately Classic)

Why Creately Desktop

  • Platform Independent, support Windows, Mac and LinuxA first class desktop application. Supports Windows,
    Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Offline access to all your shared diagram as local files.All your diagrams and content shared with you, backed up
    as local files in your computer.
  • Create diagrams anywhere even without the internet and synchronize when you get online.Access and create content regardless of internet availability.
    Intelligent "Diagram Anywhere" feature synchronizes the
    content whenever your computer gets internet access (Creately Classic)
  • Real time collaboration and share with anyone with an email. Full powered online collaboration. Real-time collaboration
    works right from your desktop. Share with anyone with an
    email. See the changes being made live as they use
    Creately Online or desktop to update shared diagrams.
  • Access to 1000s of diagram templates and diagram examplesAccess 1000s of templates and examples from
    Creately Online.
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Buy creately desktop application
Creately Desktop is a one time purchase of $75 for a single user and as low as $40 per user for volume licenses.

This includes,

  • 1 year of Creately Plan
  • 1 year of free maintenance and updates

Buying additional years of maintenance

Creately Desktop maintenance is free when you maintain a Creately Online premium plan, be it Personal or Team. After the first year lapses, continue on to subscribe to a Creately Online plan to get continued updates for Creately Desktop as well as access Creately Online as a premium user from anywhere in the world

Customers and Testimonials

  • It makes group projects so much easier

    - David Benner
top creately customers

Inside Creately for Desktop

  • Sync with Diagrams Anywhere
    Sync with Diagrams Anywhere
  • Integrated online templates
    Integrated online templates
  • All your diagrams,
    available offline
    All your diagrams, available offline
  • Real-time collaboration,
    on your Desktop
    Real-time collaboration, on your Desktop

* Creately Desktop will be migrated to the new Creately platform (available online now) in Q4 2019

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