Building the best product your collective minds can imagine

Exactly the way you want. It starts when teams can structure their imagination and collaborate visually, with zero friction. Creately is simply the best tool for the job.

Building the best product your collective minds can imagine

Understand your customers better

Use Creately to identify and map customer experiences, uncover hidden insights, and collect data from across the organization. Present information in a visual form with the templates below.

Customer journey map

Empathy map

5 Whys diagrams

User Persona Template

User story mapping template

B2B Buyer Persona

Consumer Trend Canvas

Competitor and Market Analysis Mind Map

Collaborate on product planning and roadmaps

Communicate your product vision with absolute clarity. Collaborate across different teams to find ingenious solutions by visualizing the problem space.

Use case overview

Product Features Mind Map

Product roadmap

Email drip campain flow

High Level Project Timeline

Product Roadmap Template

Project Schedule Template

Project Charter Example

Align teams with clear UI & UX docs

Mix and match multiple visual tools from User flows, UI Mocks, process flows and sequences. Use them to communicate and collaborate on products behaviour and functionality. With perfect understanding, the right thing gets built.

Customer Journey Mapping Template for User Research

User Story Template

UI Mockup Example

Restaurant Order System Use Case

Website Navigation Flow for Business Analysis

Sprint Tasks Flowchart

Web Site Design workflow

Website Design Mood Board Template