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Post Diagrams to Twitter First we brought you URL shortening for your published diagrams, and now we’ve introduced a 1-Click button that makes it easy to share your published diagrams and designs on Twitter.

We Love Twitter

We love Twitter, and we know you do too. So the next time you create a beautiful Mockup you want to share with your other designers, or are working on an open-source project and want to share your UML and DB designs with the community, Twitter provides a great way to reach out instantly to like minded people.

Easy to Use

Visual Collaboration is more than just the diagrams your draw. Here at Creately, we make the whole process of visual collaboration and sharing easy. You’ll find our new Twitter button neatly tucked away in the right-hand Share panel. Simply, select the check box to enable a public short-URL for your diagram and click the “Share on Twitter” button to publish your diagram directly to Twitter.

Post To Twitter

And if Twitter is not quite your cup of tea, remember you can always invite your friends and co-workers to share and collaborate on your diagrams securely within Creately.

Give it a try, and watch this space… we’re only days away from a spanking new release that we hope will answer some of the feature requests we’ve been getting on our User Support Community. Check it out for a sneak preview of what’s coming your way this week.

Thanks for all the great feedback and for helping us get one step closer to public.


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  1. Neat stuff it is!! Good job guys!! Keep the momentum up!! And yeah!! Tweeting from your app definitely be a killer feature!!! Diagramming with tweeting is awesome!!

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