Real-Time Collaboration is Live !

Three weeks ago we had the beta release of real-time collaboration in Creately and the feedback was amazing. We are really privileged to have committed users like you who are eager to help out by giving feedback. So after a very tiring few weeks, we are ready to roll it out to everyone by default.

After this release every Creately user will have real-time collaboration enabled for them. So share a diagram with your friends and experience real-time for yourself. With teams in Australia and Sri Lanka we regularly have online meetings and we are already seeing how beneficial real-time is. It’s amazing how easy it is to make decisions or give your opinion when you can visualize what others want in real-time. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Real-time collaboration helps you make decision faster

Real-time collaboration enables you to see the changes made by others instantly

Power Up Meetings Using Real-Time Collaboration

When you are trying to get a point across nothing helps like having a diagram to explain what you mean. A picture does speak a thousand words. So try coupling Creately with your online meetings on Skype, Webex or IM. With Creately’s real-time collaboration everyone will be on the same page literally. Having Creately by your side when you are discussing a point over the phone is the next best thing to everyone on the call being in the same room.

Imagine how this transforms the process of trying to agree on a project schedule over a skype call. Having the instantly updatable version of a Gantt Chart on Creately available to all parties, you’d get the point across much faster, and stakeholders can modify these tasks set timelines, add dependencies etc. As everyone sees the changes, the meeting gets closed off faster.

Other obvious use-cases include defining process flows using flowcharts, brainstorming with mind-maps, designing websites using wire-frames. The possibilities are endless.

Taking Diagramming to the Next Level

Our core aim is help users to communicate their ideas visually and enable great collaboration within teams. Real time collaboration is a core piece of this aim. And so is helping people get started quickly with the Creately diagram community. It provides users with thousands of diagram templates and features like projects as libraries enable easy sharing among users. Now with real-time we made collaboration easy and simple, so you can get things done faster.

How will you use the new Realtime Collaboration features?

Let us know. We love using it side by side with Skype or Webex for brainstorming, meeting notes and to hammer out finer points in a software spec. Let us know at or tweet us at @creately.

Now go and have fun with real-time collaboration!





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