Creately Sponsoring Atlassian Summit 2012 & A Promotional Code to Get 10% Discount

It’s being over a year since we launched our Confluence diagram plugin and the JIRA diagramming plugin. Thousands of Confluence and JIRA users have benefited by using our collaborative diagramming plugins. If you’re not one of those users now you have a great opportunity to try our plugins and get your questions answered in person, because we are attending of Atlassian Summit 2012 which is happening on 30 May to 1 June. We are sponsoring the event and we’ll be there for the full 3 days of training and presentations which will help current and future Atlassian users get more from the entire ecosystem.

Atlassian Summit 2012

Creately is sponsoring Atlassian summit 2012

Why You Should Attend Atlassian Summit 2012

Atlassian have kindly put together these points if you need some help convincing your boss. As mentioned in the page, 92.3% users said that the 2011 conference met their objective and Atlassian are doing their level best to make it 100% this year. Also you get to meet up and learn how to add beautiful diagrams in Confluence and JIRA. During the event we’ll be revealing new enhancements to Creately for Confluence and Creately for JIRA – making the diagramming experience altogether better on the Atlassian platforms. We’ll be posting more announcements here as we make them.

Promotional Code to Get 10% Discount

If you’re interested in coming we can sweeten the deal with this coupon: atlsum12spn10 which will give you a 10% discount off the ticket price. But be quick as there are only 88 tickets left as I write this

This summit will be the biggest ever so far with 6 marquee speakers and lots of training sessions. You can learn how to make the best use of Atlassian products and you’ll get to meet plugin vendors like us that enhance these products. We’d love to see you at the event and if you do attend please stop by the booth for a chat.


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