Improving Team Collaboration in the Office
team collaboration is one good answer to why the cloud question

Imagine if you took the best parts of each team member and made one superstar. You might take Tom’s smarts, combine it with Renee’s empathy, add a dash of Joe’s writing skills and top it off with Tina’s sales ability…. Read More

When Designers and Copywriters Work Together, the User Wins
Why communication between copywriters and designers are essential

While I hate the business-speak cliché, “breaking down silos,” the idea that individuals and individual departments develop tunnel vision when they don’t work together bears repeating. As a former content strategist and full-time writer, I’ve worked within many an organization… Read More

Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration
Benefits of real-time collaboration makes them a must have tool

It’s been more than a month since we added real-time collaboration to our diagram tools and the user feedback is nothing short of fantastic. This is to be expected considering the numerous benefits of real-time collaboration. Creately helps you visualize… Read More

Real-Time Collaboration is Live !
Benefits of real-time collaboration makes them a must have tool

Three weeks ago we had the beta release of real-time collaboration in Creately and the feedback was amazing. We are really privileged to have committed users like you who are eager to help out by giving feedback. So after a very tiring… Read More

Creately Real-Time Collaboration for Diagramming
essential aspects of collaborative tools

If you thought online collaboration is awesome wait until you try real-time collaboration. This was our most requested feature with hundreds of requests, so I’m sure this will make lot of you happy. This takes diagramming to a whole new… Read More