5 Enterprise Technology Trends to Lookout for

At VPNPICK we’re always excited to see just what the world of enterprise tech is promising for the upcoming 12 months and, as we look ahead it seems that this year could well be enterprise tech’s most innovative year yet. So here we talk about just what’s hot within the realm of enterprise tech right now, and which enterprise technology trends we’ll certainly be keeping an eye upon.

Enterprise technology trends

Productivity will Continue to be Boosted as Enterprise Tech Takes Away Some Heavy Burdens

Last September we wrote about the ways in which enterprise tech had been boosting efficiency within both the large and small workplace, and it seems that this advancement of productivity is looking set only to continue.

Most specifically we should see that IT departments become smaller and more efficient, as the ‘cloud’ takes on the pressure that was once reserved for in-house systems. Experts also argue that we’ll see increasing companies who move over and away from Microsoft Exchange server, as the cloud delivers cheaper alternatives that require less in-business management.

It must be said however that this is at odds with the market study from the technology market research firm – Radicati Group, which predicted consistent market share growth to build upon Microsoft’s already impressive in-house server business over the next four years (The Radicati Group 2014).

Workforces are Set to Get Savvier as Millennials Get to Work

There’s a fresh-faced employee about to arrive: the Millennial. This generation of workers will be savvier and more ready to harness all that comprehensive enterprise tech can deliver. They will be far more open to changes to the IT that a company utilizes than the relatively old-school worker. All of which will serve businesses well in their move from old, in-house legacy systems onto cloud-based enterprise tech: whether this be the collaborative working app, or something considerably more complex.

That said it may not be all good news, at least for employers, as such users are equally going to be far savvier at covering up their misuse of computers. In particular, this may well present a challenge for employers who seek to harness their new legal powers to monitor their employee’s chat logs during working hours.

Machine Learning May Just Become a Whole Lot More Accessible (as Well as Significantly Cheaper)

Machine learning has been around for what seems like an age, employed within websites that have recommended related products, for example. However the more sophisticated of examples, such as face recognition and fraud detection, are looking set to become ever more affordable as developers are empowered by a wealth of data that can now be easily powered by cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services is about to Become an Enterprise Tech Hot Potato

The cloud-based Amazon Web Service provides for everything from online storage right through to dedicated Enterprise Cloud computing packages, and over the next twelve months, the predicted growth in companies embracing these services is being forecast to see Amazon out do their staggering 80% growth of 2015 (Fortune 2015).

There May Well Be a Data Revolution

Whilst enterprise level SaaS systems provide for solid APIs to open up access to a world of vital data until now enterprise-level companies have lacked the powerful tools to best harness them.

Over the next twelve months, we may then see plenty of innovation, as developers focus on providing the enterprise with the forward-thinking tools to manage, process and analyze the masses of data that goes along with this size of the company.

Most specifically this will allow for the asking of important business questions for truly data-driven insightful answers. Such as which target customer segments are the most profitable; which products or services provide for the least support (and therefore the least soft costs) and which members of the workforce hit their goals consistently.

Any More Enterprise Technology Trends?

The enterprise technology trends listed above are sure to make a big impact with some of them already making a big impact to business across the world. The bigger question is are you ready to take advantage of these technology trends?

And if you can think of any other trend that is going to make an impact in do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Akshay jain

    Thanks for the post. it’s amazing how much virtual memory or cloud has changed the way we do everything.

  2. Nerdizoid

    Virtual Reality is definitely something to lookout for. I just hope that we don’t blow it up and attach negative stigmas to it before it gets a chance to become refined.

    I was also in favor of the Google glass when it came out, but I guess the world wasn’t ready for it at the time.

  3. Ruth Johnson

    Really informative article! Thanks for the great share.

  4. Bo Kauffmann

    Almost scary to see how quickly technology is evolving. It’s time that homes tech up to the trend.

  5. Nettology LLC

    Awesome post dear!!!
    Enterprise technology is the expansion chronicle of business industry. With enterprise technologies, we can do everything in few minutes from our mobiles. Virtuality has changed everything.
    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  6. Monty Kumar

    Thanks for the post. it’s amazing how much virtual memory or cloud has changed the way we do everything.

  7. shashank

    virtuality is getting bigger day by day and it’ll definitely take over the desktops and will come over our handy devices.

  8. Dee Aaron

    Man, it’s amazing how much virtual memory or cloud has changed the way we do everything. I was really impressed with the shift in the online gaming industry when companies like PlayStation and Microsoft had evolved gaming forever with these massive servers they use to run their networks. Now the way we do business also continues to transpire as technology and the internet blossom. Good read!

  9. caroline

    How about ai technology

  10. Steve

    Virtual reality will emerge and Mobile will completely dominate desktop.

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