Part 2: The ABCs of UML diagramming

As promised in the last post, we will be detailing the (b) Behavioral, (c) Grouping and (d) Annotational part of Things in this post. (b) BEHAVIORAL Behavioral things encapsulates the dynamic parts of all UML models. These behavioral things are shown… Read More

Part 1: The ABCs of UML diagramming

Consider this the prequel to Part 1 and Part 2 of what I posted earlier on UML diagrams. I do believe that these posts are perfect in the sense that they would give you the “big picture” of the UML… Read More

Learn to unleash the power of flowcharts

As we are all well aware, diagramming is a potent way to solve problems and as technology improves along with our understanding of the world around us, this becomes a whole lot easier. While our last post detailed some interesting… Read More