Creately is now in Japanese & Chinese, plus we fixed some bugs!

I really hope you enjoyed the glut of posts we published, which covered UML diagrams and Org Charts, recently. You can bet we got more knowledge-based posts coming your way this week. But we just had to break up this exciting trend for some other exciting news. Remember how we told you about how Creately got faster with its response time earlier this month? Well, now we’re eager to let you know that we put in some hard work to sort out quite a few bugs, like those that are related to opening up diagrams and the behavior of connectors, for good. All this, just so you can enjoy uninterrupted, intuitive, and easy and fast diagramming with just a click or two.

And there’s more swell news. It’s just over a month since we got Creately and Creately Desktop up and running in German. Thanks to our Localization Program, we’ve got both Japanese and Chinese added onto our language portfolio as well. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the hard work put in by Tatsuya Aoyagi and Cai Ping. So, gentlemen, on behalf of the Creately team, here’s a massive THANK YOU for your support!

If you have used Creately in German, Japanese or Chinese, please do let us know your thoughts. We really would appreciate your feedback. While we’ve got Creately conversant with three global languages, we have started working on getting French, Russian and Spanish sorted as well. As a concluding note, if you know French, Russian and Spanish or any other global language and are happy to help us out, please do get in touch with us. As a token of all the support you give us with these translations, we’ll be glad to offer you some really cool freebies in return! =)

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  1. Eric Odle

    Is there a difference in the kanji characters for the Japanese version and the Chinese version?

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