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Creately Template Roundup: May Week 3

In our last week’s template round-up, we shared templates which were made specifically for researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and project planners giving them the tools needed to succeed in their respective industries. This week, we are excited to introduce five new… Read More

Creately Template Roundup: May Week 2

We are thrilled to fulfill our commitment, as discussed in our previous template round-up, by introducing five new templates that will bring significant value to you and your team this week too. These carefully designed templates have been tested to… Read More

Creately Template Roundup: May Week 1

Creately Diagram Community offers a wide variety of thoughtfully designed templates, taking influence from both user-generated content and specially created designs. Our templates, which span over more than 50 different diagram categories, provide a wide range of use cases for… Read More

The Complete Guide to Business Impact Analysis with Templates

The business impact analysis is one of the most important components of the business continuity management planning process. During the analysis, you identify how potential disruptions would impact your key business functions and the overall performance of your organization. In… Read More

Get More Done with Creately for Microsoft Teams
Creately integration with Microsoft Teams

Whether you work hybrid or remote, having to switch contexts and apps multiple times during the day is part and parcel of a typical workday. Creately’s latest integration with Microsoft Teams introduces a better way to work with teams and… Read More