Creately Template Roundup: May Week 1

Creately Diagram Community offers a wide variety of thoughtfully designed templates, taking influence from both user-generated content and specially created designs. Our templates, which span over more than 50 different diagram categories, provide a wide range of use cases for all organizational tasks. 

You can always find the right resources to optimize your operational workflows thanks to the continuing expansion of our template library, which is made possible by our dedication to continuous improvement. 

Starting from May, Creately is excited to roll out a weekly release of fresh templates that have been carefully selected to boost team productivity and encourage innovative collaboration. This week’s templates are specifically designed for project planners, product managers and marketing managers.

This week’s templates include

Gradient Timeline

The Gradient timeline template is a flexible tool that may be applied in a variety of situations. It is ideal for depicting significant moments in a project, historical occurrences, individual accomplishments, or any series of time-related events. The Gradient timeline template lets you make visually attractive timelines that clearly convey your idea thanks to its simple style and editable color gradients. This design offers a clear and interesting visual depiction of your chronology, whether you’re presenting a project timeline to stakeholders, exhibiting company milestones, or chronicling a personal journey.

Click on the image to edit the Gradient Timeline

Product Roadmap with Smart Containers

The Product Roadmap with Smart Containers is a potent tool for product managers, project teams, and companies wishing to plan and convey their product development strategy. This template enables seamless classification and arrangement of essential data and features by incorporating Smart Containers. 

This template offers a formal framework to establish your product roadmap, helping you launch a new product, execute upgrades and changes, or align the aims of your team. Create a simple and interactive timeline that shows the important dates, deliverables, and dependencies for your product. 

You can easily group related things, like features, tasks, or goals, using Smart Containers, resulting in a display of your roadmap that is ordered and clear. You can quickly engage with your team, stakeholders, and clients with this template, ensuring that everyone is informed and on the same page regarding the path the product is taking. Simplify product planning and improve communication with the Product Roadmap with Smart Containers.

Click on the image to edit the Product Roadmap

PEST Analysis Template

The PEST Analysis Template is a flexible tool that aids companies in evaluating the outside influences on their operations. It thoroughly examines the corporate environment by methodically analyzing political, economic, social, and technological factors. 

Making informed judgments, seeing market trends, assessing risks, and finding opportunities are all made easier with the help of this template. Organizations can adapt to shifting environments, foresee market upheavals, and develop successful strategies by undertaking a PEST analysis.

Click on the image to edit the PEST Analysis Template

Event-Driven Process Chain (EPC)

The Event-Driven Process Chain (EPC) is a versatile modeling tool that helps organizations analyze, optimize, and communicate their business processes. It provides a visual representation of process sequences, events, decisions, and information flows, allowing stakeholders to understand and improve workflows. 

The EPC is used for process analysis, optimization, and reengineering, enabling the identification of inefficiencies and areas for improvement. It enhances communication, facilitates collaboration, and drives efficiency and continuous improvement throughout the process lifecycle.

Click on the image to edit the Event-Driven Process Chain (EPC)

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