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Now you can reset your Creately password

Changing your password is 3 simple steps:

1. You enter your Creately username and confirm that you are human.
2. We send you an email with a link that is unique to your request – each link is only valid for one password reset.
3. You click the link in your email and then enter your new password – which must be at least 6 characters.

New Release and Nick gets married

Yesterday, after a busy couple of weeks we pushed out a new version of Creately to our private beta users. Just in time so the team can take a well deserved break, as Nick gets married on Thursday. We’re really happy for Nick and Nadisha, and you’ll hear all about it next week after the festivities are over. But for now we want to share some exciting new additions and fixes we’ve introduced in this release.

Private Beta Launch with a new look

So with the dawn of a brave new year, we’ve announced a new Private Beta release of Creately with a brand new look. We’re really excited about this new release, as we’ve spent a good amount of time and energy adding some great functionality. As Chandika wrote in his last post, we’re introduced some great features that will make Creately really easy to use and help you get more out of your designs and diagrams.