4 Inspirational Infographics to Help Start Your Business

If you have dreams of starting with a simple notion and turning it into a billion-dollar industry in under a year, chances are you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. But, you don’t need deep pockets or a fancy set-up to start a business. You can begin with nothing more than a great idea and a little support from like-minded individuals. And if you’re looking for some inspiration or motivation then just have a look at these 4 info-graphics.

No Money, No Problem

The first thing entrepreneurs often think they need a ton of right out of the gate is money. Marketing and SEO are two of the most expensive aspects of starting a business, but the advent of email marketing and the use of social media for brand-building have helped businesses reach a wide target audience without spending much and have influenced purchasing decisions.

On top of this, there’s a whole host of SEO tips and tricks available to business owners that can get their websites noticed and give them credibility.

According to this Forbes article Appster began with an initial investment of $3000, and Carol Craig of Craig Technologies started with $150 and is pulling in nearly $45 million a year today.

If you don’t have a hefty life saving lying around, there’s more than one way to gain moderate amounts of capital without generating business revenue first, which is good news, because according to below infographic by QuickBooks, 64% of businesses start with an initial investment of $10,000 or less:

Business that started wit less than $10000

Business that started with less than $10000

You Don’t Need a Huge Office to Get Started

Google, Apple, HP, and Amazon all started in a garage, and Craig Newmark of Craigslist worked out of his living room for the first five years.

Having access to a fancy office building may seem necessary, but a space to work is really the only crucial part. You may be going after customers that you need to impress, but waiting until you have enough money to acquire an impressive home base is not the way to get them.

No matter what service you’re providing or what product you’re selling, you can start with little more than a single room. Some of the biggest names began in unconventional places, as this Washington State University infographic illustrates:

World famous businesses that started in garages

Businesses that started in garages

No Time? How about 30 hours per week?

The third thing most people don’t think they have enough of is time. While there’s no way to launch a successful business without a substantial time commitment for the first several years, it’s not necessary to quit working altogether and sink everything into a business.

It’s possible to start planning, developing, and implementing in your spare time and then save the satisfying show of saying goodbye to your boss for good for when your business is stable. Rest assured, if you have passion and determination, you have the time:

How to find time to start a business

Isn’t 30 hours per week enough to pursue your dreams?

It’s Now or Never

No matter your perceived limitations, there are steps you can take to get your dream off the ground right now. The last thing to consider is this infographic, which describes the anatomy of a successful entrepreneur, and says nothing about money, space, or time:

A typical journey of an entrepreneur

An Anatomy of an entrepreneur

Are You Going to Start a Business This Year?

We sincerely hope these info-graphics will help you to start a business. With crowdfunding, shares spaces, co-working spaces and many other facilities it’s now easier than ever to start a business so you have absolutely no excuse not to pursue your dreams.

And finally keep in mind that ideas are cheap, its the execution that matter.


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  1. Loretta Nichols

    Fantastic article and great infographics. Most people don’t understand the time and commitment when it comes to starting a business. That is why so many fail. The idea sounds great, but you must put in the time, effort and serious though before beginning.

  2. Pranshu Kharkwal

    Infographics are great.
    DAMN Inspiring.
    You made my day. thank you for this

  3. Afrin Jahan

    Excellent collection, very useful .================

  4. Jennifer Dickie

    Hi Buddy!!

    Its good to read your article.The description you have mention for starting any business is beneficial.After reading your this post i also thinking about starting my own business.
    The pictures and pie chart you have mention in your article is very attractive. They are very beneficial for start up any business either it would marketing or any other business
    so keep posting such interesting blogs.
    have a nice day

  5. cate

    We just started our small enterprise and i can see with these points our business will boom very fast than we thought. Thank you for sharing.

  6. barnes thomasab

    Great share!! These tips are really helpful to me as me and my wife are about to start our own business .These points are really useful for us.Thanks for sharing the post!

  7. Step 13

    Not everybody has $10,000 !

  8. Dave sampson

    Hi, a Very useful infographic for me as I am planning to start a business in upcoming months and I follow all the points which you have mentioned in your infographic. I just wanted to know where do you get all the statistics.

    Cheers, Dave

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