One Hackathon, 4 Awesome Ideas

Last week was an awesome week for everyone at Cinergix. We had our first hackathon and it was a great success with all 4 teams coming up with some great ideas and coming up with functional prototypes of those ideas.

The objective was to get ourselves familiar with Meteor, an opensource java script platform which makes it super easy to come up with web apps. It’s safe to say we achieved that and a whole lot more.

Since there are only 13 and we needed 4 teams a team consisting 3 members and one team having an extra member. It could be my marketing skills, but I managed to secure that extra member for our team 😉 .

And the winner was…

Future Hope

Future Hope

Making donating easy

Future Hope aimed to make donating for causes easier and also enable needy parties to request donations. I’m sure most of you have seeing requests like this on paper but was too lazy to go to the the bank to do the actual donation. Future Hope hopes to make that process smoother by integrating online banking and other online payment systems like PayPal.

If you’re in need of donations you can add requests and upload documents to verify your claim. Users have the ability to flag them or vouch for them to maintain the integrity of the system.

The Team: Ramishka, Lankika, Ruvini


Inspired by street art where many designers post their work on a single canvas – a wall, Graffity is a virtual wall available for designers everywhere to upload their work for the world to see. Viewers and other designers can show their love by up voting or sharing their favorite designs on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.

Graffity aims to help designers spread their name and work across the world.



Shared wall for designers/artists

The Team: Nuwanthi, Thilina, Rasikaran

Social Fire

Social Fire

Spreading social among teams

Social Fire aimed to making social sharing among teams easy and efficient. Most marketing teams use Facebook groups, Yammer groups or something similar to notify the company about the latest posts and get social shares.

The problem is those can get buried with other updates users don’t have an efficient way to get back and share those articles. Social Fire provides a central location for users to see what needs to be shared and gives marketing teams a central location to track and push article and blog posts.

The Team: Nishadha, Tharanga, Buddhika, Shiraz



A radio station where users decide the play list

Betsy happened in a time where listening to music was something so personal inside the company. We were used to listen to various types of songs individually, but there was no way for us to share our musical interest while working. That’s when Betsy came in by providing the ability to listen to these songs as a community. You can listen to the music of your choice as well as suggest your mates what’s hot. Betsy provides the ability to discuss about a song while you get to vote for the songs you like to be played next. Betsy is the nest generation online community jukebox where we listen to our music together online.

The Team: Niroshan, Shantha, Shalin

The hackathon was a great success for many reasons. We had lots of fun in two days while getting ourselves familiarized with Meteor. But more importantly 4 ideas came up which we’ll work on to make them even more awesome and useful. Can’t wait for the next one !!!.

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