iPhone Mock-Up Tool to Create Realistic iPhone Designs

We are exited to announce the release of our new Creately iPhone mockup tool, a comprehensive tool packed with fully customizable objects and iPhone templates. Whether you are an iPhone application developer or an entrepreneur with an idea for an iPhone application you need to come up with iPhone mock-ups to convince others of your ideas or application. The Creately iPhone mock-up tool will help you turn that idea into beautiful mockups. Plus the built in group sharing features will help you get feedback instantly and make you more productive. Below  image shows some of the object available in the library for iPhone mockup tool.

iPhone mockup tool objects

Some of the objects available for iPhone mock-up tool

The above image covers most of the items but there are plenty more. You can even import your own specific images like logos, application specific images etc. There is a contextual toolbar specifically for iPhone mock-ups to reduce the clutter.

Unique Features in the iPhone Mockup Tool

It’s a very comprehensive iPhone mockup tool with special emphasis on fully customizable individual¬†objects .

  • Easy Editing for Quick¬†Customization’s– Double click, change the text and you get the new output in seconds. Can editing objects get any easier ( Below image explains things in detail )
    iPhone Mockup Tool - Changing Alert Box

    Changing a Alert Box is a simple matter of changing text

    Tables are frequently used to navigate when using iPhones, this simple to edit table object makes creating table mock-ups very easy. List , web picker and multi picker are few other object that have this functionality.

    iPhone Mockup Tool, Modifying iPhone table

    Similar thing done to iPhone Table, Comment section shows how to edit and add different icons

  • Objects Within Objects for Easy Customization – An object like the iPhone frame has many more smaller objects embedded into it. So you can customize each object individually without altering the general layout. And every object in the library are sized to fit perfectly to the iPhone frame ( You have the option of¬†re-sizing¬†to your liking). The below iPhone frame example has four objects embedded show in different colors. Status bar ( green ) , screen ( yellow ), app icons ( blue ) , page control ( grey ) , dock ( dark green ). The selected object is the status bar and you can control what appears in that using the check boxes in the properties side bar. In detail customization like that make it the best iPhone mockup tool in the market.

    Fully customized iPhone mockup tool

    Object within objects, individual styling for different objects makes it one of the best iPhone mockup tools in the market

  • High Level of Customization to Make it as Realistic as Possible– Most objects have individual controls and properties so you can make it very realistic. The above image shows individual properties for the status bar so you can select which ones to show. Below image shows the properties for the keyboard object which has five keyboard types.

    The customized keyboard object available in iPhone mockup tools

    By changing the type property you can access the five type of keyboards available in iPhones

iPhone Mock-Up Templates

It’s great to have all the above customization’s available but sometime you just need to have quick mock-up done with few customization. That’s why we have added some iPhone mockup templates, so you can start creating them even faster. Below are some of the templates available to the users.

iPhone mockup template of the video player

Mock-up template for the iPhone player

iPhone mockup template map

Mock-up template using the map object in iPhone

Check out all iPhone Mockup Templates >>>

Feedback on the iPhone Mockup Tool

Don’t have something you need ? Have an idea to improve the tools, icons or interfaces ? Feel free to mention in the comments section or contact support.¬†You can even reach us via Twitter or Facebook.

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