The Easy Guide to the Goal Setting Process
Goal Setting Process

How excited do you get when you are setting goals for the new year ahead? If only that excitement lasted long enough to propel you towards actually accomplishing that goal – for once!  Maybe the goals you set are often… Read More

The Easy Guide to Developing a Winning Product Strategy
Guide to Developing a Winning Product Strategy

What’s the secret behind any successful product or service company? An effective product strategy. A product strategy plays the important role of guiding product investments, product planning, and  the future direction of a product. In this guide we will be… Read More

9 Visual Tools to Gather Requirements for Your Software
Visual Tools To Gather Software Requirements

Gathering requirements may seem like a lot of work, unless you have the right tools at hand.   In this post we will discuss several requirements gathering techniques that you can use during software planning and development.  These tools will… Read More

The Easy Guide to Stakeholder Management
The Easy Guide to Stakeholder Management

Most projects fail because the interests and the requirements of stakeholders are given zero attention. While your key stakeholders have the power to make your project fail, you need to have a proper plan in place to identify their needs… Read More

The Easy Guide to Design Thinking
Design Thinking Guide

Design thinking has emerged as a powerful technique for driving innovation. In fact some of the leading global brands – Apple, HBO, Google and Samsung to name a few – have adopted it as a means of accelerating product innovation…. Read More

The Ultimate List Of Visual User Research Methods
Visual User Research Methods

User research methods help when you want to get a deep understanding of who your users are, how they behave, and their needs. The data you gather and assess will in turn allow you develop a product or service that… Read More