What to Look for When Hiring Remote Employees
Hiring remote employees

NOTE – Visual collaboration is at the heard of everything we do at Creately. And remote employees can benefit a great deal from our visual collaboration platform which has real-time collaboration, easy sharing features and team management features. To collaborate… Read More

Is Coworking Right for My Startup?

Are you trying to work out if Coworking is a good option for your start-up  Why not ask yourself a few of the following questions to see if it’s really right for you? Yes, if you want an easier life Coworking… Read More

Improving Team Collaboration in the Office
team collaboration is one good answer to why the cloud question

Imagine if you took the best parts of each team member and made one superstar. You might take Tom’s smarts, combine it with Renee’s empathy, add a dash of Joe’s writing skills and top it off with Tina’s sales ability…. Read More

Seven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder
Work Smarter, Not harder using these tips

We hear it all the time, one of the adages of entrepreneurship – work smarter, not harder. But what does that translate to, in our daily lives? Work less long, but get more out of it. But how do you… Read More