How To Tickle Creativity? 15 Simple ‘Tried And Tested’ Tips

What is creativity? Is it some inborn characteristic or it can be developed? Are there certain conditions to let the creativity develop? All these questions are answered in few words; ‘Creativity is inborn and it needs favorable environment to flourish.’ A person usually gets frustrated when he/she pursues for some creative work and fails to reach some good outcome. It means creativity needs some input, some food, some support from the environment, from the habits, and from routine work. What are those things that could help creative approaches? This writing is all about those creativity-friendly ingredients.

1. Spare Time To Relax

In the tough job routines, it’s hard to find spare time to relax. On-job people they have to do many tasks at a time and creativity is considered as just it comes. However, finding time for yourself is crucial whether it’s about having sunbath at beach, staring at birds, looking at the clouds, or listening to sounds of nature. Every single thing that could find some free space in your brain can be adapted just to fresh up the brain for some creative ideas.

2. Bring Changes To Routine Quite Often

Regardless of the work, people often get caught up in monotony. This routine is killing for creativity. So, bring a change to give room to creativity. If you change your routine quite often, you will observe how it will trigger ingenuity.

3. Listening To Music Is Healing

Listening to music is a therapy to solve any problems whether these are social, emotional, physical, or spiritual. If you are stuck with something and want to come up at some creative ideas, then listening to music can be a better remedy.

4. Walk With Thoughtless Mind

If you are facing some hard time in collecting thoughts, then walking alone, without music, would be the best remedy. The walk can be on the beach, in the park, down the street, or anywhere you want. Just let your mind ponder over what you see.

5. Distract Yourself When It’s Needed

If you feel that, you are going nowhere with a project, distract yourself and stop thinking. If you think you don’t find it easy to distract, do it forcefully. Work on some other project while still being productive. Once you feel your creative grey cells are active once again, start working back on that project.

6. Don’t Go The Creative Path Intentionally

It happens quite often when you try to be creative; you fail in actual to deliver something creative. The best alternative is to stop thinking creatively. Creativity is about breaking rules, making mistakes, inventing or experimenting something new, and having fun even in risks. Don’t force yourself to be creative when you aren’t in mood of creating something.

7. Write Journal

It’s not like your personal diary, but an advanced form of that. Keep record of your random thoughts in the journal that will help you in getting inspired at some later stage, when you need that the most. Everyone gets ideas, but very few know how to manage those ideas and harness its power and keeping a journal and writing down ideas is a good start.

8. Follow Six Hats Technique

The technique is given by Edward de Bono and revolves around looking at a certain situation through 6 different angles. You can have a cap carrying 6 different colors, each color is hinting at certain point of view. The hat colors and the things related to each color are as follows:

Six Thinking Hats Techn

Six thinking hats technique is another good way to encourage creativity

White: Focusing facts, data, information
Red: Focusing emotions, intuition, and instincts
Black: Focusing negativity, weaknesses, and flaws
Yellow: Focusing positive thinking and benefits of decisions taken
Green: Focusing creativity
Blue: Controls the six hat technique

9. Say Good Bye To Technology For One Day

Stay away from the latest gadgets and social media platforms for a day. With many social networks and smartphones that work seamlessly with these social networks it’s very easy to get distracted. Switch off the phones, shutdown the computer and take a look at what you could do with that time. Sunday is a good day to try this out. Check out the shore video below and realize what you might be missing because of your phone.

10. Bad Mood Can Be A Source Of Creativity

Not only positive mood, but bad mood also becomes a source of creativity. Negative emotions help in boosting creativity, according to the latest research. Whenever you are in bad mood, better to divert that towards something creative like drawing an infographic.

11. Work Out

It doesn’t mean to burn some calories, but to freshen your mind. You can run; you can shoot; it will let your creative juices come out.

12. Don’t Hesitate In Doing Something New

It has been proven that if you do something new, it would be good for your brain as well. It can be just gardening and you will see how much inspiration it will bring for you. Creately is a fast growing company because they don’t hesitate to try out new things and introduce new features.

13. ‘What If’ Game Works Well

It’s a fun game that works for expanding the thinking approaches. Just look at the things you could see and ask yourself ‘what if’ questions like what if a car could fly. It will let your mind make the rest of the story, a beginning of creativity.

14. Exercise Your Brain By Number Games

Playing with numbers is very much beneficial for mind to get prepared for flushing out some creative ideas. However, too much utilization of brain for number games is not good; it makes the brain tired.

15. Cooking Can Be A Stress-Killer

If you are interested in cooking, you should utilize it as stress-busting agent. Cook whatever waters your taste buds. Make it sure that your intention is to activate your creative side, so choose the food accordingly.

Sometimes, most creative people fail to create something new, something innovative, because they are not in the favorable conditions. Creating favorable conditions for creative minds surely work well for some extraordinary work. The above-mentioned tips are all ‘tried and tested’ by some creative minds across the globe. Why don’t you try them to tickle your creative guts?

This contribution is made by Maria Shehar Bano. She is working with a web design company. The company name is webdesigncc.

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  1. Pique Dan

    You are right.
    Creativity is my core and I do lots of creative things.
    When I sit and compose if I think , I’ll lose .
    Creativity is something that comes from somewhere goes through you and into the world.
    To make art, you need to listen.
    To listen you need to stay calm, and be alone.
    Creativity can be scary because there is something inside you or out who communicates his intelligence and understanding.
    Mood forces you to arrange the pieces together.

  2. Anees

    Nice article. explained in nice way. first thing i noticed is your creative way in explaining the tips and tricks.

  3. very interesting article, creativity it’s one of the most valuable things in life as we can create phenomenal thing with it, all of the outlined things are very useful to be more creative in life, thank you for this fantastic article.

  4. Harish

    Awesome article. Hats-off to author.To be creative, it is very important to observe and admire the beauty nature withholds in it.Clear mind is essential to have that creative bent which can only come if you are at ease.

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