Creately Partners with British Council for Social Innovation Forum

Creately is proud to be the software partner for the FUTURES – Social Innovation Forum organized by the British Council of Sri Lanka (BC). The event will be held on 21st Friday and 22nd Saturday at the Hilton Colombo. For the full program details and what they hope to achieve from the event click here.

What is Social Innovation Forum ?


FUTURES is a platform for social innovation which brings together selected group of people representing the private sector, public sector, not-for-profit organisations, community groups and consumers to develop innovative ideas for products, services, business models and policies that address emerging social issues and needs in Sri Lanka. The social sectors in focus for this year (2014) are:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Water
FUTURES - Social Innovation Forum 2014

FUTURES – Social Innovation Forum

If reading isn’t your thing then check out this video by Eranda Ginige, Head Partnerships and Business Development at BC.



If you’re wondering what social innovation is and want a brief introduction then check out this wiki article. If you’re interested in an in depth understanding of the concept check out this article ( PDF download ).

Participants will be collaborating as teams to identify problems in the given sectors and come up with solution for them. And we sincerely hope they’ll make good use of our real-time collaboration features.

This is an invitation only event but you still might have the opportunity to win a ticket via Digit. Check out the links at the bottom of the article and hope for the best. And hopefully they’ll live blog the event as well.

Even if you didn’t get an invitation you can still participate by joining in the discussion. The hash for the event is #beyond2020 and we’ll be also monitoring the hash tag to retweet some awesome content. So if you come up with an awesome diagram the be sure to tag it so we can see it.



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