A new Creately Desktop release amid Wesak

Today, we interrupt our usual slew of posts on diagramming and diagram types to make a new release announcement for Creately Desktop. Thanks to some really great customer feedback, we’ve been able to take all your concerns and include it into the latest Creately Desktop release. Some of the improvements include bug fixes, ensuring the process of syncing is smooth and trouble-free, while minute issues related to licensing have also been resolved. With this new release, you are sure to enjoy fast and easy diagramming par excellence.

Additionally, we got some great news for all our Creately for Fogbugz users. You can now renew your 1-year maintenance license by logging in with your existing account and extending your maintenance here. This license will allow you to enjoy a year’s worth of cool new upgrades for a nominal fee.

Indeed, things like bug fixes, new releases and updates may have kept the Creately team busy this past week but the truth is it has been a slow couple of days due to the celebration of Wesak in our R&D office in Sri Lanka. Taking some time off, the development boys and girls decked the office with colorful lanterns that are intrinsic to such an important religious festival.

Creately’s R&D center in Sri Lanka

As this week winds down, make sure that you stick to this space since the next few posts will focus on Sitemaps and some best practices related to it. Additionally, we just launched our Flowchart Maker and Wireframe Minisite, so this is definitely a repository of valuable information that you should take a peek at. Stay tuned, more diagramming joy comes your way soon!

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