The Visual Guide to Training New Employees
Visual Guide to Training new employees

In order to make sure that your new employees perform to the expected level, you need to give them proper training – from day one onward. Onboarding new employees is not always easy, as it requires you to help them… Read More

6 Common HR Issues and How to Solve Them Visually
Common HR Challenges and How to

If you are part of an HR team, you must have tried one thousand and one ways to solve common HR challenges and HR issues. But here’s a twist. Solving them visually could be easier. Following are easy visual techniques… Read More

The Easy Guide to Process Mapping
The Easy Guide to Process Mapping

Planning a new strategy? Want to improve customer satisfaction? Want to know why some of your projects are failing? Process mapping is the first step to find out how and why to these questions above. In this process mapping guide… Read More