Football World Cup Crossword Puzzle

How good is your Football  knowledge? Well you can find  out yourself by answering this crossword Football world cup crossword puzzle. Try to finish it without clicking the solve button 🙂 .

  1. Click on each line or a row to get the corresponding clue.
  2. Type in the correct words and hit check puzzle button to know the progress.
  3. After finishing all the words hit ‘check puzzle’ button to complete the puzzle.

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football world cup crossword puzzle

FIFA Word Cup Crossword Puzzle by Creately

FIFA world cup is one of the most important sport events this year next to the T20 Cricket World cup held in April 2014. It is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event, of an estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany There have been 19 world cup tournaments since 1930 and 8 different nations have won during the past decades. Brazil is the dominating team in the FIFA world cup and had played for all 19 tournaments held so far.

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Shalin Siriwardhana

Internet marketing enthusiasts and a tech blogger, started working for Creately handling e-marketing and blogging. I love to spend my time playing guitar and computer games when I’m not exploring the world of marketing, you can find me writing at shalin's marketing blog here. Follow @Creately for useful diagramming tips and tutes!


  1. Sanjeev

    3 errors and 2 left


    Thank you for sharing, cant beat a puzzle while at the office!!!

  3. Ari

    Hahaha, I totally messed up. Which isn’t surprising given that I know practically nothing about the sport. Guess I should go watch some ESPN…

  4. Toseef

    Nice article 🙂
    Sports are very important in era of technology to stay fit and healthy. Cell phones and social media is taking away from the sports. I loved football due to physical exercise in this game 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed reading this.Puzzle is also very interesting.Keep sharing.

  6. David Shepherd

    Great crossword! Love trivia like this. Thanks

  7. Jack Smith

    Awesome Game…..
    Solved Many Words 🙂

    Thank You !!

  8. Olga

    What a fun game, this is a way to know how much you know about football and learn more. Thank you very much for sharing.

  9. yahoo

    Even though i could not complete, it was fun.
    Thank you for sharing. The puzzle mentioned is great .

  10. bachvx

    This would be a fun classroom activity during the World Cup.

  11. vivek dhyani

    i got 70% correct ,really enjoyed . thanks for sharing.

  12. The puzzle mentioned is great . Even though i could not complete, it was fun.

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Katie

    That’s really a great time killer!! Had a nice time solving your puzzles. Thanks for the brainy task!

  14. Ismail N

    I think I got 80% correct. Maybe more if I spend more time thinking about the answer. 😀 It’s fun playing with puzzle. Thanks for sharing Shalin.

  15. Roshan

    Realy enjoyed.. keep it up.. best luck for future..
    Thanx for sharing

  16. dfr

    heheheheh very very interesting. Nice so keep posting

  17. dohit patel

    nice one….i was able to solve 4 words only….

  18. Caleb

    This would be a fun classroom activity during the World Cup.

  19. smk 3

    heheheheh very very interesting. Nice so keep posting. 😀

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