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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Scrum
what is scrum methodology

Although initially designed for software development teams, Scrum has now become popular across many other fields, from marketing to project management.  In this post, we’ll explain the basics every Scrum newbie needs to know including what is Scrum methodology, and… Read More

The Easy Guide to Effectively Using Thinking Maps
Effectively Using Thinking Maps

When it comes to teaching and learning, visuals play a major role in simplifying things. And thinking maps have proven to be an effective visual language for both students and teachers at all grades across many disciplines.   In this post,… Read More

The Easy Guide to Developing a Winning Product Strategy
Guide to Developing a Winning Product Strategy

What’s the secret behind any successful product or service company? An effective product strategy. A product strategy plays the important role of guiding product investments, product planning, and  the future direction of a product. In this guide we will be… Read More