How to Avoid WFH Burnout: Causes, and Preventions
How to avoid WFH burnout

Too focused on increasing employee productivity, we often forget to tend to pay attention to employee burnout. But to create a productive team, you need to keep them safe from work-related stress.  With the sudden transition to remote work caused… Read More

How to Effectively Manage a Project Remotely

Managing a project itself is a demanding task. And now you have to do it with a team that isn’t even working from the same location as you are.  COVID-19 has considerably changed how we work, and when it comes… Read More

How to Train Remote Employees | Best Practices and Tools

Working from home is the new normal. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work, many teams had members working remotely 100% of the time, and many of them received their training virtually.  Where technology has made… Read More

Remote Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Remote working is no longer the exception. It has become the norm.  With major tech companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook allowing their employees to work from home indefinitely in the aftermath of COVID-19, remote working projects itself as the… Read More