Improved User Profile to Easily Manage Your Creately Account

Increase productivity, that’s our goal at Creately and it applies to everything. We added some cool features like community browser and shared projects to make diagramming easier and now we are exited to announce user profiles, an easier way to manage your Creately profile. Now you have access to purchase history, plan history, billing history , payment information etc. all in one place. We even let you add cute profile image 🙂 . Some of the features include..

Powerful Tools for Team Admins

“My Team” tab in the user profile lets you easily add team members and control their access levels. Your plan details are available at the bottom so you can get a quick idea of your options.

Easily add team members and control their access levels

Easy management of the team plan

Plan Overview in User Profile

“My Account” tab gives you an overview of your full Creately plan. You can see your registration date, subscription period, plan change history, All the products you have purchased and their licences plus the purchase history. You can quickly view the invoices or upgrade your product plans.

Quick Access to Licenses and Purchases via the user profile

Quickly access license details and purchase history

Quickly Change Account Email

“My Profile” tab gives you an easy way to change your account email. Before that your only option was to contact support and ask it to be changed. Now all you have to do is add your new email address and save it. You can add your details and upload a profile image. We have made it easy to deactivate your Creately account as well. Simple click the deactivate button and all your subscriptions will be cancelled and account closed. Your diagrams and details will remain and you can reactivate by contacting support.

Easily Change Payment Details

“My Billing” tab lets you change payment details without going through the support process. This is only available for users who pay with credit cards. PayPal users still has to contact support.

Change Payment details in my billing section of user profile

User Profile = Everything in One Place

User profile lets you access everything related to your Creately account in one place, which will definitely make your life a lot easier. Got Feedback? Feel free to drop us a mail. If you are active in social media you can get in touch using Twitter or Facebook as well.



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