Linking Diagrams in Creately

This 2-min video demonstrates how easy it is to link to diagrams with Creately – Online Diagramming & Design and turn a simple sitemap into a rich environment for website planning & design. — So we’ve decided to use this… Read More

More Creately Goodness

We’ve been hard at work over the last forthnight adding some great new features to Creately – Online Diagramming and Design. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we did getting it out to you. A brand new… Read More

2 ways to add Graphics to your Creately diagrams

We had some users asking how they could add more images and graphics to their Creately diagrams, so I put together a quick diagram with Creately to show off how you can add more graphics to Creately diagrams.

Creately UML Online Keeps Getting Better

With the bug fixes that went into production last week, we introduced a whole new bunch of Smart Shapes to help make your UML diagrams faster and easier than ever before to draw and share in Creately. You can check… Read More

Drawing colorful diagrams on Creately

The question of how we can help our users draw beautiful diagrams often comes up here at Creately. During a usability discussion, when the issue of our color palette came up, we realized that while the palette does have a whole bunch of colors, most of them don’t look good when applied on your designs.

Introducing Creately

Creately is an online diagramming and design application. We’ve always felt the process of diagramming and design is somewhat broken. While there are some excellent tools out there, their focus is on drawing.

We think otherwise.