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Firstly I’d like to say Happy New Year from the Inbox!

Creately is really pushing technical boundaries to bring collaborative diagramming to the masses. But while its all very exciting building new features and functionality, its good to remember who we are doing it for. You guys! Our customers. So the way we handle our customer service must be as good, if not better, than the service we offer.

Great Support is part of the Creately Experience

Quick and efficient support is one of the key offerings of our product. But we don’t just see customer support as a necessity, or just another offering. Engaging with our customer enables us to unearth a wealth of fantastic ideas from our user community, to help us push Creately forward, helping us develop it with our customers’ needs at the forefront of our product plans.

Whether you are on the Pro, Plus or Public plans, when you send us an email, submit feedback at the end of a session, give us a heads up about a bug, send us a message on Facebook or enter a suggestion on the forum, we always read and respond to it with our 24 hour support. This seems to surprise one or two of you as you think your comments fall on deaf ears. No way! Your comments provide a lot of benefit to us and we encourage you to send us as much information as you have time to. You love to get chatting to us about what you do or don’t like about Creately, with positive comments or giving us ideas for improvements – and we love every bit of it.

To start this year off we are working on improving our approach to customer service so we continue to give you the best possible support for your inquiries. As the number of customers grows, so does the amount of support requests, suggestions and general inquiries, and we don’t want to let a single one of you down with a poor response! We will soon be implementing internal service level agreements (SLA’s) to ensure our paying customers receive priority attention, but that our non-paying customers, on the Public plan, will still always receive a quick response, particularly on critical issues. This is being done so that, while we keep growing as a company, we keep customer service friendly, efficient and helpful with clearly defined expectations and targets which will allow us to measure and improve our performance over time.

Talk to Us Anyway you like

As a first step to achieving our customer service goals we have logged all the places that ideas and feedback come from that influence Creately’s development. Given the importance we place on Social Media, and the number of different channels of communication available, we want to make sure we (as a company) are aware of all the different places where you engage with us. In other words, are we listening to our customers effectively and in the right places?

We will continue to post customer service developments on this blog, and feel free to let us know what we are doing right and how we can improve. Don’t forget, we love chatting to you guys, so keep the feedback rolling in!


Image by:Grant Neufeld / CC BY-NC 2.0

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