The Easy Guide to Writing an Epic Campaign Proposal

What makes a great campaign proposal?

It starts with thorough research and outlining effective strategies, but the power lies in great writing. In fact, it’s in persuasive writing. And a big part of persuasive writing is linked to visuals.

In this guide, we will look at how you can write a winning campaign proposal using easy visual techniques.

Identify Your Campaign Objective

You have to do what you have to do first – and that is establishing your marketing campaign’s objective or objectives.

Is it to increase your online traffic to your eCommerce store by 10%? Is it to boost conversions by 20% within the next six months?

Whatever your objective is, it should be your proposal’s first priority. Be as specific as you can be and add a description explaining what your objective is.

Show Research Result for the Campaign

Once you have determined your campaign objectives, you need to question how you will achieve them.

Look into all the possible and efficient ways you and your team can complete your objectives. Plus you will also need to explore other factors, such as resources, shareholders, and competitors etc. that may affect your campaign or alter your approach towards it.

Analyze your data and include the key findings in your research section. You can showcase your data in either bullet points or use a mind map like the one below to present your data tidily in your proposal.

 Example of a Mind map Template

Click on the template to edit it online

Explain Your Target Market

This section is dedicated to describing who will benefit from your campaign and how.

Here you may need to highlight both quantitative (i.e. age, location, occupation etc.) as well as qualitative data (i.e. challenges, goals, ambitions etc.). There could be several different personas within a single market segment depending on your campaign or your business. Accordingly, you may need to create several buyer personas.

You can use a user persona to handily represent the data in your proposal without cluttering up the pages for this one.

User persona template

User persona template for campaign proposal (Click on the image to edit online)

Outline Your Campaign Strategies

This is where you will outline the strategies that you will implement throughput your campaign.

While you outline the steps, you need to include the resources that you may need as well as the costs.

A flowchart or a process map can be used to map out the steps that you may need to take to complete your strategies successfully.

Example of a Flowchart

Click on the template to edit it online

Map Out the Timeline with a Gantt Chart

With a Gantt chart, you can clearly outline a tentative timeline that spans the duration of your marketing campaign.  This will help you highlight how you plan to proceed with your proposal once you get the support you need.

Following is a Gantt chart that you can edit right away. Add the timeline and the information by clicking on it.

Example of Gantt Chart Template

Click on the template to edit it online

Add a Brief Summary of the Campaign Proposal

The final section of your campaign proposal should be a conclusion that summarizes everything you’ve discussed so far. Make sure to keep it brief while sounding persuasive.

Proofread Your Proposal before Presenting

Last but not least, make sure that your campaign proposal is devoid of any errors and convey the information without confusing the receiver.

Let’s Get Started on Your Campaign Proposal

We’ve covered the steps that you need take to create a campaign proposal. We’ve also provided some handy templates that you can use to completely transform your mundane proposal into something epic – something that would get heads turned!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your proposal approved.

If you are looking to update your marketing plan after creating your marketing proposal, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to marketing planning that you can refer to.

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