Top 10 Tips that will Increase Visitors to your Site

When it comes to generating more traffic for your site there is no formula as such. If you design a site that is competent and consistent, your visitors will atleast stick around and may be tell others about your site. Using Creately, we’ve done a colorful mockup along with 10 mandatory points, which can be found after the mockup, of what a good site should have.

1. Have a really good headline + copy

This really is a no brainer. Besides the fact that a good headline and copy is all part and parcel of good web design aesthetics, the fact is that must ensure that it is rich with keywords and compelling copy in order to aid adoption and conversion.

2. Headlines need to be clear and succint

You’ve only got seconds to get a visitor to scour through your website. So instead of having reels full of monotonous content, make sure that you focus on the right message.

3. Know your language

It is mandatory that you proof read your content always. Having erroneous spelling and grammar would lead to loss of credibility and make you the laughing stock of your industry.

4. Trust indicators are a must

There really is nothing like having another customer endorse your product or service. But besides this ensure that you also have 3rd party trust and security certification, like VeriSign.

5. You should have CTA

There is no compromising on this point, it is a must that you have CTA buttons on your site. It is a key element of persuasion that always works.

6. Make your buttons stand out

There is a fine line between being garish and standing out. But, what you need to remember is that such buttons (if supported with an excellent design) can help a visitor to your site make that all-important decision to click and access a free demo, thereby bringing him one step closer to making a purchase.

7.  Too many links = distraction

It’s true you do need links when a visitor hits your homepage but this is not always the case if we are talking about a landing page. Giving a visitor too many options when it comes to links could lead to confusion and probably annoyance as well.

8. Images and videos should be relevant

There is enough evidence to show that videos and speeches does help convince visitors. However, a word of caution. Ensure that all images and videos that you do use are relevant to the copy you have on your homepage.

9. Keep it visible

Ever had to scroll through a site to view all the important information? Annoying, isn’t it? This is precisely why you need to make sure that you have all the important details with regard to your site above the fold.

10. Consistent testing leads to success

As the cyberspace landscape evolves and changes over time with new trends and design becoming mainstream, it is imperative that you consider testing two different site designs against each other and even AB testing.

We hope you enjoyed this particular post, if you got any questions or queries, you’re more than welcome to pop us a tweet or send us an email. Until next time, keep those diagrams awesome!

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