UML Class Diagram Objects

UML Class Diagram objects and their usage
This is an overview of all the UML Class Diagram objects that you will use when drawing class diagrams and design patterns. All these objects are available in Creately and you can try out a demo or take a look at some sample UML Class Diagrams for more context.

The core element of a UML Class Diagram is the class. This is a solid rectangle contains the class name.

A class object in a UML Class Diagram represents an entity of a given system that provides an encapsulated implementation of certain functionality of a given entity. This is a rectangle divided into three compartments. The topmost compartment contains the class name. the middle compartment contains the attributes while the lowest compartment contains the list of operations.

A package object in a UML Class and Use Case Diagram provides the ability to group together classes and/or interfaces that are either similar in nature or related. Grouping these design elements in a package element provides for better readability of UML diagrams, especially complex diagrams.

The Interface object found in a UML Class Diagram indicates a set of operations that would detail the responsibility of a class.

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Learn How Creately Diagrams works