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Creately Examples: Understanding Diabetes with a KWL Graphic Organiser

My mom is diabetic, and each time I take her to the clinic for her quarterly check-ups, the physician asks me to monitor her blood sugar levels regularly. She often tells us how serious diabetes is although it is very common and manageable. However, I wondered if the physician was only exaggerating about the subject to make us more cautious.

Well, having a family member with diabetes, I thought its essential to expand my knowledge on this topic. Thus, I did a bit of self reading and figured out some interesting facts and figures about diabetes; I decided to pick a few important notes and presented them in this KWL (Know-Want-Learn) chart.

In Creately we have a whole bunch of ready-made graphic organizers which makes life so easy. Hence, I pulled out a KWL template from the Creately dashboard to present the information I thought is essential in understanding Diabetes.

Hope you find this interesting!





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  1. Alan Young

    Very informative post. Like the way u explained it.

  2. osama

    Very Informative Post Thanks For Sharing!

  3. Donald Quixote

    I really love how this was organized. I really think that graphic design should be implemented into more informative documents. This not only informs the reader but it really draws attention to it. I love it! Great post!

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