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How to Make a Vesak Lantern in 8 Easy Steps (Infographic)

Vesak festival is almost up and here is a simple 8 step guide of making an octagon type Vesak lantern.Vesak is one of the colorful religious festivals in Sri Lanka. The whole country lights up various types of Vesak lanterns on the day celebrating the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of lord Buddha. This is a fun DIY project on how to make a Vesak lantern for the Vesak festival. Make few and light up in your garden. Have fun!

How to make a Vesak lantern in 8 steps ( infographic )

How to make a octagon type Vesak lantern


Shalin Siriwardhana

Internet marketing enthusiasts and a tech blogger, started working for Creately handling e-marketing and blogging. I love to spend my time playing guitar and computer games when I’m not exploring the world of marketing, you can find me writing at shalin's marketing blog here. Follow @Creately for useful diagramming tips and tutes!


  1. Stephanie White

    Thanks I’m going to try to make one for the local lantern festival.

  2. tanaya

    good idea for festivals to decorate homes with these cute Vesak Lantern thanks for sharing

  3. Adam

    great post Shalin. it looks easy but not sure if i can make one.

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