Harry Potter’s (flowchart) options. Joining Glee is one of them!

Harry Potter said it best in his latest movie – Oi! There’s a war going on here! – and, that pretty much summed up the entire film.

While we sat en masse in theatres, enthralled by the CGI and MSG (umm, Pringles) overload Deathly Hallows achieved the third best opening worldwide (in the franchise). One wonders whether Part Two will whet our appetites to wave a hollywood wand and wish a faster recovery for the world’s economy.

So while Harry takes a well deserved break and enjoys the millions earned, largely thanks to you going and watching his film, we’re contemplating his options for the next film. We thought we’d put a cynical twist in the form of a flowchart to see what his options are. Trust us, it’s sure to make a Death Eater grin.

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