Sitemap Shapes

Sitemap Shapes and their usage
This is an overview of all the Sitemap Shapes that you will use when drawing web sitemaps and website structures. All these shapes are available in Creately and you can try out a demo or take a look at some sample sitemaps and site structures for more context.

The Page shape is used to represent general page content. This can be ideally used in sitemaps and website structures to indicate any type of page (Homepage, About Us, Contact, Products, etc).

The Future page is used to show any page which is expected to be designed in the future. These pages are represented by dotted lines.

Page Cluster shape is used to represent a number of pages of the same kind. This shape can be used to illustrate content pages or article pages of the same kind.

Security Indicators can be used on pages to indicate secure login. When people try to visit any page on your site, there might be pages that might require login if they are not already logged in. Thus, this Security Indicator icon can be used on pages that require login.

Rich media shape/icon can be used on any Web page that has elements which use advanced technology such as streaming video, downloaded programs that interact instantly with the user, and dynamic ads that change when the user mouse hover.

External Link Icon can be used on any page in the sitemap structure to indicate links to external web sites. For example - you can add the external link icon on your Home page, so in the sitemap structure you will know at once that the homepage contains a link to an external web site.

A dynamic page icon can be used on any page that has to be prepared with new content or layout for each individual viewing. These pages change dynamically with the time (news content), the user (preferences in a login session), the user location (preferences in language).

Learn How Creately Diagrams works

Learn How Creately Diagrams works