iPad mockup tool for realistic iPad designs + ipad templates

Hot on the heels of our iPhone mock-up toolkit we are excited to release the iPad mockup toolkit, a comprehensive set of tools for super fast and realistic iPad designs. This is perfect for iPad application developers because they can do a quick sketch and share their idea with peers using Creately’s collaboration abilities. There are more than 30 iPad specific objects available in the library, so it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping objects. Below are some of the iPad objects available in the library.

iPad mockup tool objects

More than 30 iPad objects available with the iPad mockup tool

All the objects are sized to fit perfectly to the iPad frame. You do have the ability to re-size as you see fit.

Unique Features in the iPad Mockup Tool

You can do some cool things with the toolkit, mentioned below are some unique features available to users.

Individual Customization for Many Objects

Many object have individual setting so you can come with a very realistic iPad design. Click on the object and check properties in the right sidebar to modify individual settings. Below are some examples


Change the keyboard type to letter, number or symbols simple by selecting from the drop down

Slide object from iPad mockup toolkit

Drag the bar to change the position of slider

Page Control object in iPad mock-up tool set

Decide the number of pages to show, number of selected pages and whether to show search icon using simple property changes

Quick and Easy Editing of Objects

Some objects can be modified simply by double clicking on the object. You can modify the text, layout and interface simply by editing text. Below is an example of that using the alert object.

iPad Mockup Tool - Changing Alert Box

Modify the look and feel of the Alert box by changing text

Object Grouping with Individual Customization

Some objects are made by grouping many object together, so you can create iPad mock-ups even faster. A prime example of this is the iPad split view. You can drag and drop the object to quickly create split view like below, but you can select individual object within the split view and modify them according to your need.

iPad Split View object in the tool kit

Quickly Create iPad split view using the split view object

iPad Mockup Templates

Don’t have time to drag and drop object ? Want to start designing iPad applications quickly ? We have added some iPad mockup templates so you can start designing applications quickly. And we have made it easier to access them from the drawing area using the Creately community browser. Below is an mock-up template for adding a mail account.

iPad mockup Template of adding an email account

iPad mockup of adding a mail account ( click to use it as a template )

Feedback on the iPad Design Toolkit

Have a suggestion ? We love to hear from you. Feel free to mention your ideas in the comments section or simply contact support. In the meantime play around with the toolkit and have fun designing iPad application.

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  1. Erin

    Hi, I already have checked iPad mockup tool. I am really amazed. Excellent features; many things I have got from your reviews. Thank you to tell about this tool in a quite easy way.

  2. Nishadha

    Thanks Clint, Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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  4. What a very cool Creately design guys:)


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