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BPMN Templates & Examples to Quickly Model Business Processes

Last month we did some enhancement for our business process modeling tools and we got some awesome feedback about it. Our sincere gratitude to everyone who tried it out and gave us feedback.

As many of you requested, we added some BPMN examples so you can quickly get started on planning your business processes. Below are some BPMN templates you can find in the Creately diagram community.

Simple BPMN Templates

Lets start with a very basic template. This is excellent to quickly describe a simple business process. Click an object and start typing to change the names. Drag them around and see how connectors behave. Click on the image to start editing this immediately.

One of the simple BPMN templates available at Creately

One of the simple BPMN templates available at Creately

Advanced BPMN Templates

Most business processes are complex by nature. And we got you covered with some advanced BPMN templates which have pools, lanes, intermediate events etc. Click to here modify this diagram instantly using Creately.

A complex BPMN example with lanes, pools etc

A complex BPMN template with lanes, pools etc

BPMN Template for a Book Ordering Process

Below is another BPMN example which includes some of the objects found in BPMN 2.0 notation. If you have a similar process just click on the image to modify this diagram.

BPMN example of a book lending process

A book lending process drawn using BPMN

An E-Tender Process Created Using BPMN

Below is another somewhat advanced BPMN template created using Creately. Click on it to modify using Creately diagram editor.

E-Tender business process using BPMN

E-Tender business process using BPMN

BPMN diagram template of an iPhone ordering process from eBay

This BPMN template describes the business process of ordering an iPhone from eBay. A similar BPMN diagram template can be used to describe other online orders as well. Click on the image to modify it as you want.

BPMN diagram template of iPhone ordering process from eBay

BPMN diagram template of iPhone ordering process from eBay

Information Exchange Process BPMN Template

The following business process diagram template is that of a Choreography diagram. This diagram type is used to specify choreographies or interactions and message flows in BPMN. Or in other words, it shows how the participants within a business process exchange information with each other to coordinate their interactions. Although it changes from the standard BPMN Process in terms of purpose and behavior, it still uses common BPMN elements such as events and gateways. The following diagram showing the exchange of messages between a doctor and patient shows this.

Information Exchange Process BPMN Template

Information Exchange Process BPMN Template

Business Process Management

This is another basic business process model template. You can use this as a template to start creating your own diagram for your organization. If you don’t like the color combination used, you can simply change it using Creately editor. Click on the image and start editing right away.

BPMN Templates for Everyone

Shown above are some business process model templates found in the diagramming community. Many more BPMN templates are added frequently so you are sure to find a BPMN template that matches your needs. All the BPMN examples can be downloaded for free as images if you wish to include them without modifying.

If none of the templates match your requirement you can easily start drawing your BPMN diagram from scratch using our easy to use interface and complete library of BPMN 2.0 objects.

More Diagram Templates

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