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Collaborate with your team to define marketing goals, understand customers, analyze data, brainstorm ideas, and develop and execute campaigns from a single workspace.

  • Infinite visual canvas to map out marketing goals, strategies, and plans
  • Multiple marketing diagram templates to drive innovation
  • Real-time collaboration to seamlessly work together with your team
Marketing Diagram Software
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Identify Trends & Make Insightful Discoveries

Identify Trends & Make Insightful Discoveries
  • Carry out brainstorming sessions to gather input using the whiteboard with built-in ideation tools.

  • Add research data and additional context to shapes via the notes and data panels.

  • Visualize market data from external sources and analyze them using tables, charts and graphs.

  • Analyze data gaps using the extensive templates available on marketing models.

  • Collate information using the infinite canvas as a central hub.

Identify Trends & Make Insightful Discoveries
Develop Effective Marketing Strategies

Develop Effective Marketing Strategies

Develop Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Visualize plans, strategies, and processes with pre-made frameworks and templates.

  • Create simple to complex diagrams using the easy drag-and-drop interface.

  • Customize with configurable color themes and advanced text formatting.

  • Create 50+ diagrams such as sales funnels, matrices, and more with the shape library.


Effectively Leverage Marketing Data

Effectively Leverage Marketing Data
  • Record, organize, and categorize marketing data with the customizable table function.

  • Create presentations, reports, and dashboards on marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Add context to data by importing images, vectors, screenshots, and more.

  • Embed documents and resources with in-app previews and centralize all assets.

Effectively Leverage Marketing Data
Collaborate with Your Team, Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with Your Team, Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with Your Team, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Manage, share, edit and review ideas, action plans, and strategies.

  • Maintain workflows and keep everyone in sync with workspace level status tracking.

  • Stay updated on changes to documents with smart notifications.


Visually Plan and Execute Marketing Processes

Visually Plan and Execute Marketing Processes
  • Build custom databases for market data from consumer behavior to web statistics.

  • Visually arrange data using frames for Kanban boards, timelines, grids, and more.

  • Generate multiple views of the same information with model objects.

  • Extend marketing diagrams with custom properties and additional fields.

Visually Plan and Execute Marketing Processes
What is a Marketing Diagram?

What is a Marketing Diagram?

Marketing diagrams are visual tools used to convey marketing data, processes, concepts, plans, and strategies for easier comprehension and analysis.

Key Tips to Follow when Collaborating on Marketing Diagrams in Creately

  1. Use Creately’s readily available templates such as mind maps, SCAMPER,brainwriting and much more to easily get your team’s brainstorming sessions underway. Visually map out ideas together for marketing campaigns and strategies.

  2. Successfully plan and organize tasks and timelines when executing a marketing plan using Gantt charts or flowcharts. Assign tasks via the tasks panel and add necessary information in the notes panel to keep everyone on the same page.

  3. SWOT analysis and customer journey maps can help teams better analyze and discover market opportunities. Use already available templates or build your own from scratch to understand the needs of your target audience and competition to create a winning product or service.

  4. Use frames and shapes to create presentation-like layouts to present ideas or results to stakeholders without leaving the Creately platform. This will help everyone to get a clear picture and make informed decisions.

How to Create a Marketing Diagram with Your Team?

  1. Define the purpose and goals of creating marketing diagrams

Perform a thorough analysis with your team of the different marketing elements and plans to be included in the marketing diagram. Identify key diagram types, which will be essential for decision-making and planning.

  1. Research and gather data

Gather the team and assign the responsibility of collecting the necessary data and information to support the marketing diagrams. The information could include market research, customer data, and company performance metrics.

  1. Create a rough draft

Based on the data gathered, encourage each group to create a rough draft of their respective diagrams.

Select a pre-made Creately template based on the desired marketing diagram type or create one from scratch using the extensive shape library. Customize and edit the marketing plan diagrams to the organization’s requirements and brand guidelines.

  1. Review and revise

Share the rough draft with the team and then with peers to gather feedback. Use in-line comments, @mentions, and sticky notes to provide feedback and follow up on the same canvas. Incorporate the necessary revisions and changes.

You can also gather the whole team in one place via Creately’s integration with Microsoft Teams to hold dynamic discussions.

  1. Finalize and present

Finalize the marketing diagrams and share them with multiple stakeholders in various image formats. Present the finalized diagrams and findings right on the Creately canvas. Use frames, shapes and icons to create interactive presentations or reports.

Create Your Marketing Diagram Online with Editable Templates

Action Plan For Marketing

Action Plan For Marketing

Marketing Mix 4 Ps

Marketing Mix 4 Ps

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

FAQs About the Marketing Diagram Software in Creately

What are the types of marketing diagrams available?

There are many different types of marketing diagrams depending on your requirement. Some of the most commonly used are:

I want to learn more about marketing diagrams and tools and how to use them. Do you have any additional resources available?
Yes! Creately has several blog articles and pages dedicated to marketing-related content. Check out our articles about helpful marketing tools, how to analyze a target audience,develop a a marketing mix, and implement successful strategies to learn more.
Can I format or customize a selected marketing diagram?
Yes, you can. Creately offers various color, text formatting, and shape options to customize or create from scratch. You can use Creately’s advanced formatting options to customize any diagram according to your requirement.
How can I share my marketing diagram with colleagues for feedback?
Sharing your Creately workspace with colleagues is easy. You can assign different roles and access levels to collaborate, leave in-line comments, provide feedback and discuss with colleagues. To share a workspace, go to the left-hand corner ‘share’ button to invite colleagues via an email or link. You can also share the workspace by exporting it as a JPEG, PNG, SVG, or PDF.
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