Business Flowcharts (Flowchart Ideas for Small Businesses)

Flowcharts are simple and easy-to-understand diagrams illustrating the logical sequence in a process. They help you communicate how processes work; map out logical steps in a process; and figure out ways to improve the process.

Here are some flowchart examples. All of them created with Creately’s online diagramming software! Drag-n-Drop Flowchart symbols to make a flowchart in minutes, and with Creately’s 1- click styling features and smart connectors anyone can create logical diagrams to document processes.

And, with the easy to use Flowchart templates, Swim Lane Templates and Work Flow templates flowcharting is a breeze on Creately. Check the 10 best examples to see some of the processes which are so easy to map out with flowcharts.

1) Flowchart to explain Creately

2) Creately’s Goal Funnel Flow

3) Recruitment Process Flow

4) Process Model of University Admission

5) Business Process Model

6) Social Media Flow Chart

7) Video Uploading Process

8) Creately’s Customer Support Process

9) Credit Card Transaction Process

10) After Sales Service Process

These are just a handful of ideas, but if you'd like to take your flowcharting experience to the next level get your Free Creately Account today.

Learn How Creately Diagrams works

Learn How Creately Diagrams works