Top Idea Triggers for Startup Businesses
Top Idea Triggers for Your Startup Business

Your next entrepreneurial project could just be a weekend away, but that is assuming you have a validated idea and if you are prepared mentally, physically, and if you can marshal enough resources to make it happen. Seth Godin, in… Read More

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Failure
Small Business Employee Retention

A ridiculously large number of successful entrepreneurs have had a business flop. With more than 90% of businesses failing in the first 10 years, that is no surprise. In fact, many entrepreneurs who have made it big at one point… Read More

Moving From Entrepreneur to Manager – Or Not
Moving From Entrepreneur to Manager

Entrepreneurs are not, by nature, managers. They are creatives who have a passion about their ideas and see the grand picture of bringing those ideas to fruition and profit. Running a business and managing other people? Not so much. This… Read More