Creating Visual Appeal for Numbers Starts with Visualizing Data
creative venn diagrams - guess the movie

We all like visual presentations. That’s the impetus behind the popularity of infographics. According to sources quoted by the Visual Teaching Alliance, our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour (Jensen, 1996) and “90 percent of information that comes… Read More

4 Components in Effective Infographic
Some components involved in an effective infographic

If you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, or any number of blogs in the last year or so, you may have come across a trend of visual articles called infographics. Popular because they make a bigger, visual impact on readers, infographics are everywhere…. Read More

Create Infographics Online With Creately
Some components involved in an effective infographic

Impressed by all the infographics shared around in the Internet? Dying create one but don’t have the right tools? We are thrilled to announce a new set of features that will help you to create infographics online with extreme ease…. Read More