15 Creative Venn Diagrams to Get You Thinking

Although mostly used in mathematics there are many other usages for Venn diagrams. Everyday hundreds of Venn diagrams are created by our users and below are some creative Venn diagrams from our diagramming community.

One creative way to use Venn diagrams is question and answer type. You ask the questions and hide the answer in the Venn diagram. You can leave clues to get to the answer in different intersections.

Some of the Venn diagrams shown below can have multiple answers. That’s okay as long as you can justify your answer. So lets get started with the first one.

American Dessert Venn Diagram

creative venn diagram - guess the food

Can you figure our this delicious dessert by looking at the ingredients?

You need all these elements to create one of the most delicious american deserts. Can you figure out the answer ? Give it your best shot before looking at the answer.

Answer : Pan cakes

 Creative Venn Diagram Depicting a Movie

creative venn diagrams - guess the movie

Multiple dream levels are well represented in this Venn.

This Venn is a bit tricky but if you’re a movie fan this should be somewhat easy to guess. The answer is in white text, highlight it to view it.

Answer : Inception

Who are We Talking About ?

creative venn diagrams - who is this guy

Here’s a little hint: He visits only during Christmas.

Fairly obvious, I guess you don’t need hints for this one.

Communism vs. Fascism Venn Diagram

Communism vs Fascism Venn Diagram

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Geniuses Venn Diagram

creative venn diagram who got to be this character

If you are a good sitcom and movie fan. You can figure this one quickly.

Finding the most arrogant, annoying genius wouldn’t be so hard when you look at all these characters in here. Who could possibly be annoying than Sheldon Cooper?

Operating Systems Venn Diagram

creative venn diagrams

What is the best operating system you prefer?

All three operating systems have their pros and cons. What would you prefer to be the best operating system to work on. Hint: Its Stable, User-friendly and customisable!

Cartoon Character  Venn Diagram

creative venn diagram

Most of the cartoon characters are from 80’s . Expect the private from penguins of Madagascar

These characters are from the cartoons you used love and this is your chance to figure out whether your favourite character is adorable, intelligent and super fast.

Funny Cartoon Venn Diagram

creative venn diagram

Cartoon fans, who is the character you least interested in?

Homer Simpsons, Minions and Patrick Star feature this Venn diagram. Who could be annoying than the annoying orange? Guess you’ll find out solving these venn diagram.

Superheroes Venn Diagram

creative venn diagrams super heros

Super heroes , villains  you could figure this one out if you know them all!

3/5 Avengers are here in this venn diagram. Think of a genius character that has super power and got lot of money.

Entrepreneur Venn Diagram

entrepreneur creative venn

What entrepreneur could possibly have in common with skydivers?

Stave Jobs is a entrepreneur and a visionary in our time. But Skydivers and stunt bikers? Find  what do they have in common.

Aliens & Robots Venn Diagram

creative venn diagrams transformers

What do these movies characters all have in common?

Solving this venn diagram puzzle would be easy as finding the robotic human and the character who is an alien robot-human.

Country Quiz Venn Diagram

creative venn diagram quiz

Test your geographical knowledge with this Venn.

There are 196 countries in the world and there aren’t much country name starts wit the letter “S”. Sort and find the answer to this diagram without Googling.

Movie Quiz Venn Diagram

creative movie character venn

What a combination. Who matches this description?

Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety and harmony. The answer is not a super-villan. Hint: He speaks back wards


Genius Venn Diagram

creative venn diagrams bill gates

Who owns a desktop operating system and a search engine at the same time?

Apples owns a Mobile OS and a Desktop OS. Google Owns a Mobile OS and a Search Engine. Microsoft owns them all. Now Is it too difficult to solve this puzzle?

Guess the Movie Venn

This creative Venn diagrams is about a movie

This diagram is all about a movie. Can you guess the movie ?

If you can figure this out without the hint. You have more common senses than many people. Hint: The movie was released in 1999 staring Bruce Wills as the main character.

Entrepreneur vs Investor Venn Diagram

creative venn diagrams of entrepreneur

The answer to this Venn is pretty obvious, you just have to think what they have in common.

If you are a startup evangelist you may find the answer your eyes closed.

Listed above are some creative Venn diagrams found in our diagramming community. You can create your own creative Venn diagram by using our Venn diagram templates.

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