Creately Goodies for September

Its been a fantastic first 2 weeks for us here at Creately. Thank you to everyone who came to visit, sign up or subscribe to our “Name Your Own Price” plan. We’ve been so happy with how well our “Name Your Own Price” plan has worked that we’ve decided to continue our pricing experiment for a while longer. More info on this and our findings coming in the next blog post. In the meantime, enjoy our Creately updates for September.

Creately enhancements for the September

As promised, Creately is always improving, and this week we have a host of new capabilities and bug fixes that will deliver a better online diagramming experience.

1) Diagram Type Search

Some of you have mentioned that you had trouble finding the right templates in Creately, and as we add more templates, this will only get harder. So we decided the best thing to do is to let you search for the type of templates you need by tags and keywords. Less confusion, more usable- the Creately way.


2) Adding Text to Connectors

We’re added a new feature that will now make it even easier to label your connectors and relationships. You’ve asked for automatic labels on Use Case diagrams for <<extends>> and <<includes>>, so here it is. Tell us where else you’d like to see these automatic connector labels, we’ll be happy to add them on.


3) Transparent Fill on Objects

Another popular request from our support inbox. Now you can set the color of you objects to be transparent (i.e. No Fill).


4) Scroll-Bar Color

Another incessant little problem that was getting on my nerves really – the color of the scroll bars in the Creately application. Some of you may not have noticed it but it was enough of an issue for at least 5 users to write to us about. So we’ve reverted to the traditional scroll-bar colors that should keep most of you happy.


5) More Shapes

We’ve added a whole bunch of Web2.0 style objects and widgets like social bookmarking icons, tag clouds and the like. Look for the Web 2.0 Widgets library in Creately!

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  1. You think I could create an illustration of 2D Convolution using Creately?


    • Hi,

      I am not sure what a 2D Convolution might look like, can you provide an example image? Then we can take a look and see what we can suggest.


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