The Power of Venn Diagrams

Ever thought of organizing complex relationships visually? One of our previous posts talked about Mind Maps for Effective Business Thinking. It discussed how helpful Mind Maps are for visual arrangement of ideas. If you haven’t read it yet, just read now.

This time, we thought we’d discuss something similar using the concept of Venn diagrams. With the help of Venn Diagrams you can arrange all your abstract ideas easily. They’re useful to make comparisons between groups of things. Venn diagrams are commonly used for solving Math problems which demand logical thinking and deductive reasoning, thus Venn acts as an important tool in K-12 Education. Venn doesn’t just restrict its use to classroom learning, but also used extensively in other disciplines. Its a great tool for organizing, evaluating and representing complex relationships visually; and an accepted practice too.

Venn is a type of graphic organizer which consists of overlapping circles. Some even refer to it as the Overlapping Circles Chart. Now, how easy is it to draw circles? Drawing circles is not real easy, it gets even harder when you have to keep re-drawing them large enough to accommodate text that fill in the circles and intersecting areas. But, we’ve got an amazing solution – an online Venn Diagram Maker.

Creately is a great tool for creating illustrative Venn diagrams in minutes. Creately is preloaded with ready to use Venn Diagram Templates, you can now simply pick your favourite template and start filling in the text to demonstrate logical relationships visually. Now, wait a minute… Are you not happy with the available ready-made templates? No problem, just make your overlapping circles chart in minutes by using the basic shapes from the Creately’s library. Don’t miss out Creately’s 1-click preset professional colour themes to give your Venn diagrams beautiful and presentable colours! We’ve compiled a collection of quick and simple Venn diagrams to illustrate logical relationships from various disciplines. Take a spin and let us know if this was useful!

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2) Understanding Slavery

3) Choosing a Blogging Platform

4) My School Life

5) Watch your Health

6) Tools for Diagramming

7) Math Euler Diagram

8 ) Student Interaction

9) Twitter Tools

10) Observing Student Behaviour

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