How to Write a Good Speech with the Help of Visual Aids

Want to make a lasting impression on your audience with an effective speech?

In this guide we will discuss how to write a good speech by explaining the steps. You can find an editable speech writing template and planning template which can be used to create and plan effective speeches.  

Identify the Purpose

Before you start writing a speech, you need to be sure of its purpose. Is it to educate your audience? Inspire or entertain them?

The purpose of your speech will help you define its tone, words, structure etc.

Understand Your Audience

Another aspect that will shape how you should structure and write your speech is the target audience.

Your speech needs to be tailored according to their preferences, knowledge, and concerns. The key to retaining their attention is to talk in their language about what interests them.

An audience profile can help you quickly characterize your audience. The plus point of a profile like this is that it is reusable; if you are writing a speech to the same or a similar audience, you can use the information in the profile to develop your speech.

Select and Research Your Topic

An effective speech is backed by good research. Once you select the topic, you need to find enough credible information to back your argument or point. Refer only to reliable resources such as scholarly article, academic resources etc.

The more you know about the topic you are discussing, the more you will be able to stay focused during your speech. However, it’s important to leave out the unnecessary information and narrow down the topic by sticking to a few points that will help you drive your message home.

Create the Speech Outline

Before you actually start writing the speech, create the outline. It will help you organize your information in a logical manner and improve the flow of your speech.

The outline should include what you will be speaking about during the different parts of your speech; these include the introduction, the main body with 2-3 main points with supporting evidence, and a conclusion.  

You can easily use the template below to outline the structure of your speech.

Speech Writing Template - How to write a good speech
Speech Writing Template (Click on the template to edit it online)

Write out the Speech

Now that you have a rough idea about the things you need to discuss, start fleshing out the outline and develop your speech.

Remember that you need to keep your target audience, and purpose of the speech on your mind. Be consistent with your tone and style throughout the speech.   

To make your speech more effective, include evidence to prove the points you are making. Refer to quotations from experts, statistics, current events and even examples of personal experience.

Make sure to perfect your conclusion. It should be able to highlight the message of your speech and make a memorable impact on your audience. It could be an anecdote or a call-to-action. Keep it short and powerful.

Following is a speech planning template that you can use to plan your speech and the process.

Speech planning template - how to create a good speech
Speech Planning Template (Click on the template to edit it online)

Review and Polish Your Speech

Go through what you have written and spot the areas that don’t add up or erroneous. Correct and finetune your speech.

You can rely on a colleague to go through the speech for you; sometimes a fresh pair of  eyes can help you more.

How to Write a Good Speech? Any Tips?

There are many kinds of speeches; the kind you give at your school, in front of a director board, at a debate, or a wedding, and whatever the occasion is you can use these steps to create a winning speech.

Share your experience in writing and making speeches in the comment section below. Any useful tips you have, let our audience know.

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