5 Funny Flowcharts Everybody Needs to See!

It’s universally acknowledged – our lives are the decisions we make in answer to a bunch of yes/no questions. From the moment we wake up to the moment we climb back on to our comfortable beds.

‘Do I get up and go to work today?’ If ‘yes’, then you get up and go to work.  If ‘no’ then you throw that annoying alarm out the window, turn around and go back to sleep!

‘Do I eat that last piece of cheesecake?’ If ‘yes’, then you eat it. If ‘no’ then you regret it!

It’s all based on yes/no decisions. This habit all humans instinctively practice daily can be creatively captured through flowcharts, which basically show the sequence of actions in a certain process. In a decision-making process, flowcharts help to break down a problem into smaller steps, rendering it easier to make the final and the proper decision.

The questions we ask ourselves and the decisions we make are not always – well – conventional? But we ask them and make them anyway!

The questions we ask ourselves

Following funny flowcharts depict such decisions we often find ourselves making and questions we like to ask ourselves (only in our heads, of course!), with the most appropriate answers! Do enjoy!

Should I watch GOT (Game of Thrones)?!

Do you belong to that 10% (or is it 1% now?) of the population that have never watched GOT? It’s indeed a dire situation! This funny flowchart will help you decide what you should do about this.

Funny Flowcharts to Decide Watching GOT

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to let your imagination run a little wild (especially after watching a Walking Dead episode!). If you are one of those people who wonder ‘Will I ever survive a zombie apocalypse’, this flowchart will give you a basic idea as to how to!

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Should You Help Your Wife with Household Chores?

Does your wife sometimes look at you while you are enjoying the delicious meal she has prepared for you and shake her head as if she is thinking, ‘oh the nerve of this guy!’. Well, then you really need to take a look at this flowchart!

Should You Help Your Wife with Household Chores

Are You a Smarty Pants?

We all like to think that we are not, but what do you know, we can come off as one! In any case, check this funny flowchart to find out!

Funny flowcharts to decide if you are a smarty pants

Should You Go to Work Today?

Every morning we (well, most of us) wake up and contemplate whether what we really want is more sleep or a successful future! This funny flowchart breaks down the entire ordeal we go through in the early hours of morning until the second alarm goes off eerily on the bedside cupboard!

Funny flowcharts to decide whether you should go to work

Get creative and use Flowchart Symbols in a different way to create more funny Flowcharts with Creately. Assuming we all make the right decisions at the end of the day, do share these funny flowcharts with your friends!

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