4 Must Haves for Graphic Designers to Become Pros
A awesome website comes high in must haves for graphic designers

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Seasons Greeting Cards by Creately
New Year greeting card with firewall

Hey everyone, Christmas is just around the corner and I’m personally looking forward to the secret Santa event as I’m typing this article. In the spirit of giving we have added some beautiful seasons greeting cards to our diagramming community…. Read More

Storyboard Templates with Unique Designs, Download for Free

Students love lessons with graphic organizers, and when the graphic organizer in question is a storyboard, they love it even more! They are naturally attracted to storyboards because they love drawing things. But they also help students organize their ideas and… Read More

Flowchart Examples Available at Creately

Flowcharts are easier to draw compared to other diagrams, but it doesn’t hurt to have flowchart examples to get started quickly. It’s much easier to change an existing diagram than to draw one from scratch. Our users have access to… Read More

10 common mistakes to avoid in sequence diagrams

When talking about UML diagrams and, in fact, sequence diagrams you will realize that attention-to-detail is mandatory. We’ve tapped the knowledge present in house to identify 10 of the most common mistakes that designers make when it comes to constructing… Read More